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    • User Management

      By clicking on the Users button within the General Tab under the Admin Panel, you'll be presented with the User Management window, which displays all of your users, which will include ALL users, Admin and Customer registered.

      Management Window

      This is using the standard management window, and instructions for using this type of display, like sort, search and display quantity, are available on the General Management Window display page.

      Create a User

      Creating a user is something you may not have to do all that often, and will probably only really be an issue at the beginning when you are setting up your site.

      View the instructions for a new user.

      User management

      Your User Management window should look something like the one below.

      User management window

      Users are listed in Username order by default, which happens to be the first column. All usernames are unique, so you cannot have the same username more than once.

      The next four columns contain general information on the user, Email being the only one that is required, with Title, Forename and Surname all being optional.

      The final two fields determine if the user has access and can log in. The first status will state if they are Verified or not. This will only really be set to Unverified if you set up your Registration Plugin to force the user to enter a Confirm Code to verify their email address, and will remain Unverified until they enter the confirm code in their email.

      The second status shows if this account is Active or not. This status is down to the Administrator of the site. On both statuses, if one is Inactive, then the user cannot log in and will show in red, otherwise it will appear in green.


      Clicking on this button will allow you to view the website via this account, so you can see exactly what this user sees. A little bar appears at the top of the page to indicate you are view the site via another account, with a link to revert back to your normal account.

      Edit button

      Clicking on the edit button will open the page into the user edit window, pre populated with the page details for editing. For more information, view the edit user form.

      Delete button

      If you click the Delete button, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the user. if you click yes, the User will be deleted from the system and cannot be restored. All logs we keep on this user will be removed from the system, and anything linked to the user will be set to empty.

      If you are unsure, then mark the user as inactive instead, so that you can restore it should you notice the user still in use.