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    • BWCMS Glossary

      We try not confuse you with Jargon in our documentation, but sometimes it can't be help. So here we have compile a list of words and phrases used within our documentation that may need some explaining depending on your knowledge level.

      If you feel we are missing something, please let us know.


      Stands for Universal Resource Identifier. Has a wider meaning and usage than is explainable here, but within the BWCMS and BWCMS documentation, see URL.


      Basically means Web Address, but stands for Universal Resource Locator, and is a type of URI. Within your website, it is the path to one of your pages, images or files, and or address to another website.


      The protocol normally refers to the part at the beginning of a web address, which can be called the Network Protocol, so HTTP or HTTPS. There are various versions of these, you can find a list of these over at the Wiki Network Protocols Page.


      The domain is an identification of a website or computer on the internet. These normally have 3 parts. First is the sub domain, which can either be www or another custom sub domain. These can link to different sites or different parts of one site or computer. 

      The next part is the main domain itself which is followed by the third part, the suffix, which can be .co.uk or .com. The suffix is usually chosen based on the sites content or owner and/or location.

      For example, BarkWeb's main website is at the following domain: www.barkweb.co.uk

      Our help documentation is a different site on a subdomain: help.barkweb.co.uk


      Pixels is one of many units of measurement used within computers. Your computer screen is displayed in pixels. Most of our templates are set to a content width of 960 pixels, or 960px in css styling.


      Alot of elements we prompt users to fill in, like Alt Title elements for images, are for SEO purposes. This stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results.