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    • Contact form update bug resolved

      Contact form update bug resolved

      Written by on Monday 19th Oct 2015
      Last week we resolved an issue which occurred when attempting to update elements of a contact form. If you added a new item to the contact form, and then either tried to edit that element, or other elements that had previously been added, then the edit dialog would load multiple times. Clicking save or cancel on each dialog would only close that dialog, and only the save button on the final dialog would make any changes. The required toggle buttons would also display as text, and not buttons, ...Read More...
      Welcome to BWCMS News Section

      Welcome to BWCMS News Section

      Written by on Monday 31st Aug 2015
      Welcome to the BWCMS News section. Here you will find updates to the latest documentation, major and minor changes to the CMS workings. Helpful tips and tricks in using the CMS and hopefully some user feedback....Read More...