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    • Twitter feed plugin

      The Twitter feed plugin allows you to display yours, or someone else's Twitter feed, onto your page.

      Missing feed

      Sometimes the Twitter Feed fails to load. This is because the Twitter servers limit the amount of requests any external service and do in a set amount of time. We are hopefully implementing an option to add your own keys so that this happens less.


    • Edit mode

      Only a few options to get ging, with the Username is the only one that is required to get things working.

      Twitter plugin update dialog


      The only required element of this plugin for things to work. If you've managed to set up your Twitter account, then you probably already know your twitter username, or handle. If your looking for the handle of someone else's Twitter account, then find their profile page on Twitter, and the username can be found in the URL after the twitter.com domain. So BarkWeb's URL is www.twitter.com/barkweb.

      It can also be found in the Title of the web page, preceded by a @ symbol, and just below the profile name.


      The text that you fill in here, appears as the title above the feed.


      Select how many or the recent tweets you wish to display.

      Show avatar

      Ticking this box will insert the Avatar, or profile picture, of the person who made each tweet.

      Show time

      Ticking this box will insert the time stamp of each tweet.

      Show link to profile

      This places a Twitter Follow button on the feed, which makes it easy for people to start following you if they are already signed into Twitter. If they are not, then it takes them to a login page. Easy way to gain new followers.

      Alternative link

      If your not happy with the style of the follow button used by default, you can enter the path to a custom button of your choice, which will be used in place. Both will require your template to be adjusted should you wish to adjust the positioning.