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    • Overview of BarkWeb CMS and webpages

      A CMS allows you to easily manage and control web content on your site directly from a browser like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, without specialist technical knowledge (no FTP required).

      A website is composed of one or more web pages. A web page consists of a series of areas where things, like plugins, can be placed and displayed.

      Don't currently have the BarkWeb CMS?

      To read more about BarkWeb's CMS offering for new customers, please visit the dedicated CMS page on our main BarkWeb site

      What is a plugin?

      A plugin is a component that adds specific capabilities to a website or page e.g. menus, text, images or contact forms.

      N.B. Plugins can be:

      1. moved by dragging around the page
      2. changed/edited on page

      Some plugins come as standard on BarkWeb CMS, whereas others may be bespoke plugins developed or adapted specifically for one or more clients.